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Even though the Chiefs play thus far this season has been provoked the question of which Missouri football team is stronger the Rams, the Chiefs, or the Missouri Tigers?

My vote is the latter.

Even though Denver is the heavy favorite you can't get past the fact that Shanahan is 3-10 at Arrowhead.

12:30 PM Central
1:16 Left in the first quarter.

Thus far the Chiefs defense is looking somewhat stout. The offense is running smoother with Damon Huard at the helm.

LJ has 78 yards rushing already.

Chiefs score off of 2 FG's

Broncos 0
Chiefs 6

12:36 PM
3rd and 1 handoff to LJ for a gain of 4. 1st down on the Chiefs 34 yard line.

Fantasy Note: Chiefs are really trying to exploit the Dre Bly covering Dwayne Bowe matchup.

12:41 PM
Chiefs Nick Novak misses a 42 yard FG attempt. Broncos ball.

12:46 PM
Broncos ball 3rd and 19....screen to Pittman easily picks up the 1st down.

12:50 PM
2nd and 8 on the Chiefs 16 yard line. Cutlet hits Brandon Marshall in the back of the end zone for a TD.

Broncos 7
Chiefs 6

12:55 PM
Chiefs ball 1st down on their own 19 yard line

12:56 PM
3rd and 5 on the Chiefs 24. Huard hit Bowe on the sideline for 16 yard gain for a first down.

6:35 to go in the first half.

12:58 PM
3rd and 8. Huard to of his hands across the middle. Chiefs will punt. Colquitt with a beautiful punt which pins Denver inside their own 10 yard line.

1:02 PM
Broncos 1st down on their own 5 yard line. Cutler tries to go over the middle...the linebackers drop back and Demarrio Williams almost comes away witha pick.

2nd and 10....Selvin Young breaks one for a gain of 15 yards. First down Broncos.

1:04 PM
Cutler rolls out and hits their TE Scheffler for a gain of 26.

Cutler throws to Brandon Marshall....fumble while going down to the ground. Derrick Johnson was stripping the ball while making the tackle. Chiefs CB picks up ball and brings it back to the Denver 2 yard line....Shanahan challenges the call.

3:29 left in the 2nd quarter.

Chiefs get the call. 1st down Chiefs on the Denver 2 yard line. Handoff to LJ....2nd and goal...TD.

1:11 PM

Broncos 7
Chiefs 13

1:15 PM
Cutler with 2 throws one Marshall 1st down. 2nd throw to Stockley for a gain of over 30 yards. Denver first down on Chiefs 33. Defense plays it safe and gives the Broncos another quick scoring opportunity before the half.

1:18 PM
Cutler in Shotgun hit Royal for a gain of 18.....on the KC 10 yard line.

1:54 left in 2nd quarter

1:20 PM
3rd and 2. Cutler overthrows Marshall in the end zone. 4th down....Broncos will kick.

Wide right. Chiefs ball.

Broncos 7
KC 13

Chiefs ball 1:18 left

Handoff to Charles gain of 8.....leaving me to ask "Why are we running the ball!?!??!"

Injury Note: Branden Albert (LT) hurts foot/ankle on the play.....gets carted off the field. Not a good sign for the 1st round draft pick.

1:24 PM
Huard in shotgun...again the handoff to Charles for NO gain. Herm is content with the lead and will try to run out the clock.

3rd and 3 on the KC 27 yard line. Huard sacked Chiefs will have to punt. Denver takes a TO.

KC punts to Royal he brings it back for a punt return of 36 yards.

Denver 1st down on Chiefs 42. Cutler hit Royal for a gain of 5...Denver has no timeouts left. 22 seconds left.

3rd and 5. Cutler in shotgun hits TE short of 1st down. Out comes the kicker on 4th and 1. 51 yard attempt.

False start...backs it up 5 yards. 56 yard attempt. Prater the kicker hits it......heck of kick.

Halftime Score:
Denver 10
KC 13

Notes on 1st half: LJ has 93 yards and a TD on 12 carries. Huard looks so much more comfortable in as QB. Which makes Herm's call to start and stick with Thigpen last week that much more troubling.

1:49 PM
Broncos ball....1st down on their own 35.

Andre Hall gets the carrry for a gain of 3...2nd down.

Cutler hits the rookie Royal deep for a gain of roughly 25.

1:53 PM
3rd and 16. Cutler in shotgun...hits Pittman for a gain of 5. 4th and 11. The kicker will attempt a 51 yard FG. Right down the pipe...crushes another 50+ yard FG.

Denver 13
KC 13

1:58 PM

Chiefs ball 1st down on their own 37. LJ for a gain of 17. Takes LJ to 105 yards on the ground.

Injury note: Branden Albert has a dislocated right elbow.

2nd and 2. Handoff to LJ for a gain of 8. 1st down.

2:03 PM
3rd and 7 on the Denver 26 yard line. Chiefs call timeout.

Huard to Charles across the middle for no gain. Novak will attempts a 44 yard FG....good.

Denver 13
KC 16

2:10 PM
Cutler hits Marshall again for a big gain. 1st down on their own 40 yard line.

2:14 PM
3rd and 10. Cutler in shotgun....interception. Derrick Johnson.....who is having a big day. He's been in on a lot plays. Chiefs ball on the Denver 43 yard line.

LJ 1st carry...tries to cut back and Champ Bailey picks LJ up off the ground and causes a fumble. Now it goes back to Denver. 1st down.

2:20 PM
Cutler goes deep tries to go back across the field.........interception. Now its KC's ball!

turnover, turnover, turnover....and the Chiefs defense is the story of the game so far.

2:24 PM
Chiefs ball 3rd and 4....deep to Bowe.....he makes a beautiful catch....out of bounds....1 foot in and 1 heel out. Chiefs have to punt.

2:27 PM
3rd and 1 Denver ball on their own 24. Chiefs get pressure from Demarrio Williams screen to RB fails. Denver will punt.

2:30 PM
2nd and 7...Huard hits Gonzales for the first time all game for a first down after a gain of 14.

2:32 PM
3rd and 4. Huard in the shotgun....delay of game. 3rd and 9 now.

Huard hits Bowe for a gain of 17 yards.....Bowe makes another catch by just reaching over CB without jumping. It's like switching off on defense and you, the 5 ft. 10 inch guy, gets stuck getting posted up by the 6 ft. 7 guy. That is what his size difference looks like when being defended by Bly.

4th Quarter

Denver 13
KC 16

Huard continues to go back to Bowe.....another 1st down.

2:38 PM
Handoff to LJ for 4. Chiefs ball 2nd down on the Denver 10 yard line.

Huard throws a jump ball in the back of the endzone........Gonzales comes down with it ........Touchdown. Tony slow to get up.....walks off the field.

Denver 13
KC 23

2:44 PM

12:33 left in the 4th quarter. Cutler complete to Royal for a gain of 4. 2nd and 6.

Cutler hits Marshall for a first down....Denver in a hurry-up offense.

2:48 PM
Cutler again to Marshall for a 1st down on their own 46.

Cutler to Royal for a gain of 9. Handoff to Pittman for a first down....on the Chiefs 35.

Cutler to Royal for another gain of 9.

9:41 left in the fourth

2:52 PM
3rd and 5. Cutler in Royal for another 1st down on the Chiefs 10 yard line.

Cutler in shotgun handsoff to Young get to Chiefs 3 yard line.

2:53 PM
3rd and goal....Cutler throws to Royal......throw is behind him...misses. Denver kick FG.

Denver 16
KC 23

2:57 PM
KC's Savage returns the ball all the way back to the Denver 49.

3:05 PM
3rd and 6...Huard to Gonzales for a gain of 24. First down o the Denver 23.

3:07 PM
3rd and 4 handoff to LJ.....stuffed. Chiefs will attempt a 34 yd. fg......Novak.....good.

Denver 16
KC 26

3:12 PM
1st and 10.....complete to Marshall for a 1st down.

Complete to Stokley... 1st down

Complete to Stokley again for a 1st.

3:15 PM
3rd and 10 on the KC 15 yard line. Cutler over throws his target. 4th down.....Shanahan elects for a FG. 33 yd. attempt.......good.

Denver 19
KC 26

2:06 left in the 4th. Onside kick coming.....Chiefs ball. 1st down.

3:17 PM
Hand off to LJ to run out the clock.....he breaks one for a gain of around 50 yards. 1st down on the Denver 9 yard line. LJ takes the handoff for no gain....1:45 left....Denver takes a timeout.

2nd and goal after a holding penalty. LJ takes the hand off....bounces on to the outside......TD.

Larry now has 197 yards and 2 TD's on the day.

Denver 19
KC 33

Game Over.

Chiefs pull off the HUGE upset.....Herm still has a job.
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