Chiefs @ Falcons 'Live' Blog
On the cusp of what could very well be the worst season of Chiefs football ever......

12:48 PM Central
Beginning of 2nd quarter...

Chiefs 0
Atlanta 14

Michael Turner has one rushing TD. Matt Ryan to Roddy White on a 70 yard TD.

12:55 PM
11:15 left in the 2nd quarter
3rd and 5 Chiefs ball....Thigpen throws it well over Tony Gonzales' head right into the Falcons safety for an interception. Falcons ball on the Chiefs 18 yard line.

Tyler Thigpen is horrible....tell me again why is he starting over Damon Huard?

12:59 PM
Chiefs defense holds.....Jason Elam kicks a short FG.

Chiefs 0
Falcons 17

1:03 PM
Chiefs get their first first down on a 11 yard scamper by Jamaal Charles

1:05 PM
Thigpen throws another interception.....trying to hit Darling....Thigpen threw it too early interception. Falcons ball.

1:07 PM
Matt Ryan to Roddy White for a 13 yard gain on a slant.....1st down on the Chiefs 20 yard line.

1:11 PM
3rd and 11 shuttle pass to Jerious Norwood for a gain of 9.....doesn't matter flag....offside on the defense. Now it's 3rd and 6....replaying 3rd down.

1:15 PM
Ryan to White.....Jerrod Page crushes White...Falcons first down on Chiefs 1 yard line.

Handoff to Turner...touchdown.

Chiefs 0
Falcons 24

1:23 PM
3rd down.....Thigpen finally does something positive.....rushes for an 18 yard first down.

1:33 left in the second quarter. 2nd down on the Falcons 46 yard line.

1:26 PM
3rd and 2. Handoff to Kolby Smith for a 2 yard rush for a first down.

1:28 PM
3rd and 10...Thigpen scrambles and then launches one to Gonzales for a first down....Chiefs trying to prove that they have a little life in their team.

1:31 PM
8 seconds left in the half....Chiefs are going for it from the Falcons 15 yard line....i'm glad they are not folding and going for the field goal.......Thigpen in shotgun...hits Dwayne Bowe for a 15 yard Touchdown.

I find myself asking myself why did I bench Bowe for Lee Evans on my fantasy team????

Halftime score
Chiefs 7
Falcons 24

1:47 PM
Chiefs get the kick....Larry Johnson from the first play of the second half.....breaks one for 48 yards!

3rd and 1 handoff to Larry....running hard gains 2 for a first down on the Falcons 23 yard line.

1:52 PM
Thigpen to Charles across the middle for a 13 yard gain. Thigpen slowly gaining confidence.....1st down on Falcons 6 yard line.

Handoff to LJ....stretches to the 1 inch line.

Next play handoff to LJ again for a TD.

LJ running like old LJ....angry.....lowering the shoulder taking it out on the secondary. Chiefs came out of the locker room a different team.

Chiefs 14
Falcons 24

Had to field a couple of calls....mainly people rubbing in the fact that the Chiefs could be the worst team in the NFL.

Meanwhile Matt Ryan picked apart the high school equivalent of a defense, Chiefs defense. To take the Falcons all the way to the endzone. Atlanta scores on a 3rd rushing TD from Michael Turner.

Chiefs 14
Falcons 31

2:11 PM
Chiefs have the ball on the Falcons 44 yard line. After a couple of LJ rushes and a dump pass to Bowe.

2:14LJ gain of 13 yards....brings him over the 100 yard rushing mark.

Thigpen to Bowe for a gain of 9.

2:16 PM
2nd down and 12 on Falcons 13. Thigpen hits Gonzales for a gain of 8. 3rd and 3.

2:18 PM
Thigpen hit as he throws....fumbles....Chiefs fall on it. 4th down.

2:21 PM
Nick Novak in for a 32 yard FG....when it rains it pours.....Novak pushes it good.

Chiefs 14
Falcons 31

2:25 PM
Matt Ryan hits Roddy White for a first down. 1st down on the Chiefs 46.

Fantasy note: Matt Ryan looks good.....very accurate. He's picking apart the Chiefs 'D'. Of course thats not saying much.

2:28 PM
3rd and 14. Chiefs hold a 6 yard pass by Ryan. Falcons punt and Chiefs 'fair catch' on their own 6 yard line.

2:31 PM
10:32 left in the fourth quarter. Chiefs ball on their own 4 yard line....draw play to LJ loss of 1. 2nd and 14.

Thigpen hits Gonzales for a gain of 11. 3rd and 3 Thigpen hurried and underthrows Gonzales. Chiefs have to punt.

Chiefs punt to Falcons.....Falcons punt returner miss plays punt.....Chiefs recover. 1st down Chiefs on Falcons 41.

2:37 PM
4th and 2....Herm keeps the offense in. Thigpen to Bowe for a 13 yard gain. 1st down Chiefs of Falcons 21.

6:30 left in the 4th.

2:41 PM
3rd down and 5...Cheifs coming out of a timeout. Draw play to Charles for a 9 yard gain for a first down....gutsy call. 1st and goal.

LJ for a gain of 4. 2nd and goal at the Falcons 4. Thigpen to Gonzales....broken up by Falcons Houston.

2:43 PM
3rd and goal. Draw play again to Charles......shut down by Lawyer Milloy. Gain of 1. 4th down.

2:45 PM
Handoff to LJ...breaks it to the outside and stopped on the 1 foot line. Very close. Falcons ball 1st down on the 1.

3:01 left in the 4th. KC takes a timeout.

For the second week in a row....when the game is out of reach the Chiefs defense quits......Norwood breaks one for a gain of 48 yards. 1st down Falcons on their own 49 yard line.

Takes it down to the 2 minute warning.

2:53 PM
Chiefs hold on 3rd down. Falcons punting....Chiefs ball. The crowd has left the building.....mentally I have left the building.....trying to go back and forth to the Vikings game to see if Childress has benched Peterson yet.....meanwhile Thigpen throws another interception for a pick-6. Sweet.

Chiefs 14
Falcons 38

I' m going to say this about Herm Edwards.....he is a man of his word. If he says Brodie Croyle is his man, that's his man. If he says Tyler Thigpen is the starter with Huard on the bench, Thigpen is his guy. Thigpen can throw 6 interceptions and Herm wont' bench him. I think it's more important for Herm to be prove accountable than being able to compete in a game.

3:02 PM
You know its going to be a rough season when I'm paying $300 for the NFL ticket to watch all games and they shut off the Chiefs game opting for the end of the Bills game.

Chiefs 14
Falcons 38

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