Winning is not a priority for Herm Edwards
Herm Edwards, head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, is singing a new tune. Gone are the days of a Coors-Light-perfect-Herm-soundbyte. Gone are the days of a fiery coach Edwards who would hold his head high in the face of a 30 point defeat while walking into a New York Jets media ambush. Gone are the days of the old Herm Edwards coaching philosophy; "you play to win the game".

The Chiefs, who are now 0-3, have given Chiefs fans little, if anything to cheer about. Expectations for the team were very low this year, probably the lowest its been for the past 20 years. So, it's really not a shock that they have started the season like this. However, what wasn't expected was Herm recently stating that the team's primary goal is to develop its young players......"even if it decreases their chances of winning now.", according to

That should be comforting for season ticket holders.
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