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Watching the Miami offense move down the field uncontested I feel like Dick Vermeil should be pacing the sidelines. This team is very similiar to the good 'ole Vermeil days in which we can pass, pass, pass all day and couldn't stop any offense if they allowed the Chiefs 'D' to field 15 players. In fact the only difference between this year's Chiefs team and the Vermeil Chief's teams is that we just don't win games.

1:21 PM Central

Miami 24
KC 21

As we speak I am watching Miami have its way again with the "D".

Dolphins ball 4th and 1 on the KC 5 yard line. Dolphins are going for it.....Pennington throws the fade in the corner of the end zone....incomplete - Chiefs ball.

1:53 left in the 2nd quarter.

3rd and 2. Thigpen in shotgun...draw to LJ...first down after a gain of 3.

Questionable play.....Dolphins lineup offsides so free play for KC.....Thigpen goes deep complete to Bradley.....after review play stands as complete.

Next play Thigpen scrambles for a gain of 27 yards.....1st down on Miami 8. Next play Thipgen scrambles again for the TD.

Miami 24
KC 27

:37 seconds left in the half. Miami on their own 35.

3rd and 10. Pennington in shotgun....complete over the middle to Brown. Nobody around him for 5 yards. 1st down.

:22 seconds left....Pennington deep to Ginn......INTERCEPTION by Page.

:16 seconds left. 1st down on their own 37 with 2 timeouts left.

Another screen to Charles for a big gain.

:01 second left. 1st down on the Miami 45 yard line.

Thigpen in shotgun....scrambles throws an ugly ball incomplete.

Did I mention this team looks like to old Vermeil teams? Sweet offense - NO defense. Chiefs offense has put up 347 yards so the first half. So, far there has been over 560 yards of total offense in this game. Another note - the Chiefs haven't punted yet. All of this offense can only mean one thing - Gunther Cunningham and his defense will find a way to lose this game.

Halftime Score:

Miami 24
KC 28

Chiefs get the kick. 2nd and 4 handoff to LJ.....big gain of 33 yards.

1st down on the Miami 39.

Fantasy Note: LJ 93 yards on 9 carries.

2nd and 6. Thigpen complete to Tony. 1st down on the Miami 26.

Next play....handoff to LJ for a gain of 13 yards. 1st down on the Miami 13. Chiefs are shredding this Miami defense. The reason for this - I started the Miami defense in my fantasy playoffs.

3rd and 7. Thigpen in shotgun....handoff to LJ for no gain. Chiefs will kick......27 yard attempt.....good.

Miami 24
KC 31

2:13 PM

Dolphins ball 3rd and 10. Pennington complete to Best for a 1st down on the KC 48.

RB Ronnie Brown lines up in the Wildcat formation. Reverse to Cobb for a huge gain.

1st down on the KC 4. Next play handoff to Williams for a quick TD.

Miami 31
KC 31

Thigpen deep to Bradley.....jump ball between two Miami DB's.....caught. 1st down Chiefs on the Miami 42.

Fantasy Note: LJ 12 carries for a 108 yards and 1 TD. Thigpen 307 yards passing 2 TD's and 1 TD rushing.

And just as I write that.....Thipgen badly underthrows Bowe for an interception.

2:30 PM Central

Dolphins ball. 2nd and 10 on their own 31 yard line.

End of 3rd quarter.

Miami 31
KC 31

3rd and 10.....Pennington in shotgun. Throws it short to Ginn...he slips down for only a gain of 2. Miami will punt.

3rd and 10 Thigpen to Bowe.....bad throw....incomplete.

12:49 left in the 4th quarter and Colquitt will make his first punt all game.

2nd and 5.....Chiefs finally get pressure on Pennington....Chiefs wrapped up Pennington around the ankles....couldn't bring him down.....flips it to Brown....Brown breaks it back hurdles Flowers for the longest 10 yard pass in the history of football.

3rd and 1 Miami on the 50 yard line. Pennington hands off to Brown up-the-gut first down after a short gain.

7:50 left in the 4th quarter.

I never thought I would see the day where there is 6 minutes to go in the game.....the score is tied and the stands are only about 25% Arrowhead. I know its cold but what happened to home field advantage.

2:58 PM

3rd and 4 on the KC 14 yard line. Pennington quick throw to Fasano....Fasano carries 3 defenders into the end zone....TD.

4:08 left in the game.

Miami 38
KC 31

Chiefs ball on their own 17. After two bad passes by Thigpen its 3rd and 10.

Thigpen in shotgun.....screen to Charles for a gain of 9. 4th and 1.....Chiefs will go for it.....Thigpen bootlegs.....scrambles and then slips and falls down. 4th and 1 and we decide to throw it.

Miami ball 1st and 10 on the KC 20.

3rd and 1. Handoff to Polite the FB. 1st down on the KC 8 yard line.

2:35 left in the game.

Just when we all thought it was over.....handoff to Ricky Williams.....sweeps to the outside.....Williams fumbles it....Chiefs recover. The ruling on the field was a fumble but it does appear that the ground caused the fumble. But the evidence has to be indisputable.....they will review....................Chiefs BALLLLLLL 1st DOWN.

Chiefs ball on their own 6 yard line with 1:43 left.

After 2 more bad passes. 3rd and 10. Thigpen tries to scramble and he gets crushed.....for a sack. 4th and 10.....Thigpen throws another bad pass this time for the game clinching interception.

Why do I get excited about anything regarding Chiefs football?

Final Score:

Miami 38
Chiefs 31

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