Say goodbye to Larry Johnson and Tony Gonzalez
The Chiefs organization has experienced back-to-back horrendous years which have proven to be the initial steps of rebuilding. However, it was a couple of statements made after Sunday's loss to the Bengals that may have marked the last remaining remnants of a once glorified organization.

Everyone has seen the writing on the wall. Talks of a Larry Johnson trade have been in the works for years. Tony Gonzalez has wanted out of K.C. since October. After Carl Peterson resigning, a new GM coming to K.C., and the thoughts of a new coach bring the thoughts of "blowing it all up" has come to fruition.

After the season ending reality checking loss to the Bengals, all it took were a few choice words from Larry Johnson to cleared it all up for me - it's over. If you thought it was over two years ago when we went 4-12 you're wrong. The team resembling a once proud organization died on Sunday and it was Larry Johnson who let us know.

“Hopefully, my future is not with this organization. The things that have been going around, I’m not saying it’s (all) their fault. Half of it is mine with off-the-field (stuff) and other things that go on. On the football field, my role definitely diminished once I got back. I felt like I wasn’t getting as much (work) as I thought I could and helped as much as I could. They shifted their powers to other players on this team offensively. You kind of feel your time is up in this city and with this team.”, Johnson stated after Sunday's loss to the Bengals.

The loss of Larry Johnson will not be as detrimental to the organization as the loss of Tony Gonzalez. Gonzalez is an all-world tight end. He is arguably the greatest tight end to play the game. He is nothing but a class act and will not be able to be replaced. However, I do think Larry can be replaced by a one-two punch of Kolby Smith and Jamaal Charles. Regardless, if we stick with the Gailey spread offense the running game will complement the passing game, not the other way around.

So, lets recap....the Chiefs go 4-12 last year and in the offseason we lose are best player on defense - Jared Allen. This year we go 2-14 and in the offseason we will have lost our GM, maybe a head coach, and our two best players on offense - Larry Johnson and Tony Gonzalez.

I feel like we are going to be looking at next year's roster, much like the movie Major League and asking ourselves, "Who the hell are these guys?"

I think it was Larry Johnson who said it best as if he was speaking for all of us fans:

“It’s the environment,” Larry stated Sunday. "It’s got everything to do with the environment. It’s what everybody needs. The city is tired of me. The organization has kind of run its course (for him). It’s time to move on regardless of what kind of changes they could make. I’ve been here when they made other changes. It’s just time to let go.”

Time to let go indeed. Blow it up.....blow it all up.

Source: Kansas City Star

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