Worst loss of my armchair QB career
I'm not even going to mention anything about the first 58 minutes of a 60 minute game played in Arrowhead stadium on Sunday.

All I need to say is that the Chiefs had an 11 point lead with a minute and a half left in the game....playing at home.

The score was 21-10. The Chargers scored a touchdown with 1:13 left in the game. After a failed 2-point conversion the Chargers found a way to cut the score to 21-16.

At this point, yes, we as Chiefs nation began to feel the "heeeeere we go" emotion that we are so familiar with during this rebuilding year. Then I thought, OK I know the on-sides kick is coming but what are the odds? Even if they get the kick they still have to score a touchdown....we've been shutting them down the entire game, there's no possible way they score another TD even if they get the on-side kick.

I did everything in my power to suppress the "heeeeere we go" feeling that I have become so forcibly familiar with this year. The feeling that builds up like an un-chewed ribeye in your throat.....and festers.....and boils waiting for that moment in which the fire hose will be turned on and avalanches its way out of your mouth in the form of multiple 4-letter expletives.

And it happened.....but it wasn't at the point that I would have thought it would have happened.

The Chargers kicked the onside kick. Dwayne Bowe recovers it and then loses it. Chargers ball. OK....I can live with that. They still have to score a touchdown.

Then it happened....on the very first play after the on-side.

Phillip Rivers, my least favorite QB of all-time next to Ryan Leaf and Jeff George, threw a 42-yard bomb to Vincent Jackson......who was wide open. Why wouldn't he be open? Why would we cover their receiver knowing they have to score a TD with a little over a minute left.

Even before they scored I knew it was over. I can't help but blame Gunther Cunningham. Why is he still employed by the Chiefs organization? (I have made it my mission to write that sentence after every mention of Gunther Cunningham in any of my blogs.)

The fact that they scored another TD, and that we got the ball back moved the ball down the field, put ourselves in a position to kick the game winning 50-yard FG to win the game only to miss it, is all irrelevant.

Having watched and blogged about every devastating, last minute loss the Chiefs and their fans have endured this season, this one defies belief. In fact, I wasn't the only one who felt this way.

"Coach Herm Edwards called it the most difficult loss in his 29 NFL seasons as a player, coach or scout.", according to the Kansas City Star.

“I’m confused right now,” rookie cornerback Brandon Carr said. “What in the world just happened? We were playing so good, stopping them and stopping them.", also courtesy of the KC Star.

It's all confusing....the whole season is confusing. The Chiefs defensive playcalling in the remaining minutes of any game is confusing......Herm's playcalling on 3rd or 4th and short is confusing.....Carl Peterson's personnel decisions are confusing.....why I continue to 'Live' blog Chiefs games is confusing (actually I took this week off due to my fantasy football playoffs which I can't and shouldn't get into right now).

This was by far the worst loss I have ever endured as a fan....even worse than the 1993 AFC Championship game that I was at.

Oh well....you have to be positive right? In all actuality, I prefer to lose every game. How else are we going to get Sam Bradford in a Chiefs jersey? (You know it's sad when the most exciting time for your sports life in the next 4 months is the NFL draft)
Well, my chargers almost did blow it! If that penalty would have been called unsportsman like conduct instead of delay of game, it would have been a 40yd FG attempt instead of a 50yder, game over, Cheifs win. I was sitting there saying, if anybody was gonna choke at the end of the game, it's the f'n chargers, they'll break your heart every time...go chargers!
I guess any fan of the AFC West just isn't happy this year.
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