Cassel Could Miss Week One
What should have been the most important game for Matt Cassel, thus far as a Chief, ended abruptly by hobbling unassisted off the field.

According to Yahoo Sports, Cassel suffered a sprained MCL in Saturday night's pre-season game against Seattle.  The fact that Cassel was able to walk off the field without help was a reassuring sign of nothing permanent.  However, an MCL sprain typically sits a player on the sidelines for between 2-4 weeks.

The Chiefs will officially notify the media of the diagnosis of the injury today when the Chiefs head back to practice.  If the injury is indeed an MCL sprain, the Chiefs will be without Cassel in the Chiefs opener at Baltimore.

Well, its certainly been an exciting draft and pre-season with the Chiefs....and what a week this has been! The last holdover of the Herm Edwards regime is gone; no Chan Gailey, no new offensive coordinator for the upcoming season and now Scuba's favorite quarterback will start in the last preseason game against the Rams. And how is Scuba's favorite quarterback taking all of this change on offense? According to the latest Chiefs Blog: "It's obviously different. The pace is different, how the plays are called, the tempo and just kinda getting used to how he thinks. We're still a long way off from knowing exactly what he's thinking on different calls. But the more you get used to somebody the more you can kinda anticipate what they're going to call.

"It's definitely different, the terminology or whatever, but there's no excuses. Just go out there and learn it, have some accountability and play."

But doesn't Haley want the plays to be faster?

"Yeah, get up there and get moving. Have lots of offensive plays. Makes sense, the more plays you have the better chance you have of scoring.

"It's just a different tempo, a different style of play calling. You know, every offensive coordinator is going to be different. This is the same case, no different."

What about preparing this week against St. Louis?

"Just preparing. Just be ready to go whenever you number is called and just go out there and execute the offense. Don't try to do anything too big. Don't try to go out there and try to win the job.

"Just go out there and play within yourself and whatever happens, happens."

Scuba is about to go into apoplexy; #4 is in Minnesota, Brodie possibly starting for the hometown team, and Tiger lost in his backyard....I'll never hear the end of it
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