Killed again by the big play(s); Chiefs lose in OT
"You are what your record is."  I am not sure who said this, but it's a regrettably true fact of life that you can't help but want to argue.  The Chiefs fall to 0-5 leaving fans feeling as if someone ripped their heart out of their collective chest. 

Chiefs were of course, the underdog for this one.  However, Chiefs fans felt as if this was a game in which they had a chance.  Cowboys were in turmoil, Romo had been labeled with the "overated" tag, Wade Philips was on the "hot" seat, and the Chiefs were 0-4 playing at home.  The perfect formula ripe for an upset.

The Chiefs were solid in the first half, building a lead up 13-3 into the third quarter.  However, if you have watched any Chief game this season you knew the Chiefs would find a way to give up the lead in the fourth quarter, and as if on cue....they did.

Down 20-13 in the final moments of the game the Chiefs did not give up.  When the team easily could have folded like a card-table (as my dad would say) they did not.  They chose to fight instead.  With 24 seconds left Matt Cassel hooked up with Dwayne Bowe to take the game to overtime.

Heading into overtime you felt as if this was it, this was where the Chiefs would show the world that they can not be considered in the 4th tier of NFL teams.  We, as Chiefs fans, knew we didn't belong in the 4th tier.  We knew that tier was in place for teams such as the Browns, Rams, Raiders, but not us, not today.  We had the momentum, we had the crowd, Matt Cassel finally showed up when the game was on-the-line, and we have the ball first in OT.

With everything pointing in the Chiefs' direction for their first win they gave it away.  The Chiefs were stopped in their first possession.  The Cowboys got the ball and never looked back. 

Miles Austin broke the Chiefs back not once, but twice.  Austin had already broke a tackle for a 59-yard touchdown with 2 minutes left in the fourth quarter.  This time it was a Romo to Austin 60-yard touchdown where he made the Chiefs DB's Mike Browns and Maurice Legget look foolish.  Austin broke both tackles and took it to-the-house for the win. 

Austin ripped the hearts out of the Chiefs organization and Chiefs' nation.  Austin, not only had a career day with 10 catches for 250 yards and 2 touchdowns, but he broke a franchise record with receiving yards in a game.

Just when we thought we were climbing back out of the 4th tier they pull us back in.


At least you have the Royals.
My home state of Missouri is having a tough year in football. On Sunday's ESPN NFL Countdown, Coach Ditka gave his weekly grade of an "F" to the entire state - said it speaks for its self.

Comparing the Rams and the Chiefs is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Where, according to ESPN, the Rams have started 0-4 for the 3rd straight year, the Chiefs continue to take "one small step for man" each game. They held Dallas to 92 yards rushing, and despite no offensive coordinator, Matt C had good numbers (23-41 for 253...Troy Aikman's professional analysis to the contrary).

How the Chiefs missed that tackle on Austin in overtime is beyond me...and who is Miles Austin anyway? Miles Austin is the Cowboy's 3rd receiver when Roy Williams is healthy.. that's right I said 3rd receiver. The Chiefs have alot of work to do staring with DB Maurice Leggett who will be forced to have a picture of Austin in his locker for the rest of the season. According to Doug Tucker of AP Sports "In dooming the Chiefs to their 28th loss in 30 games, Austin erased the record of 246 yards that Hall of Famer “Bullet” Bob Hayes set against Washington almost 39 years ago".....and speaking of the Redskins!

Next week will be interesting. The 2009 Redskins schedule created great expectations, but losses to two winless teams, (the Lions and Panthers) and now facing the winless Chiefs, Dan Snyder must be going through his ROLEDEX. I don't have any great expectations...the Skins are a better team than they appear...just not sure why they aren't playing Clinton Portis.

On a lighter note, the Chiefs played the 'Boys fairly well and the chin music I have to listen to from the office Cowboy fans should be minimal. Wade Phillips has to be concerned....for alot of reasons. The office Cowboy fans quietly murmured that Dallas has not been to the playoffs in 18 years - not since Aikman. Dallas (3-2) didn't play an 0-4 team very well. They were penalized 13 times for 90 yards. Romo overthrew several open receivers and when he did get it to them they were dropped. Dallas also muffed a punt and missed a field goal attempt.

Finally my thanks to the G-MEN!! 44 points on "da Raiders"...if your head caoch is facing assult with intent charges I guess it could be distracting.

Meanwhile in Denver.....and with Kyle Orten

I broke out my Cowboys voodoo doll and everything! I was hoping against hope for a Chiefs victory.

One thing is for certain...the Chiefs have a really good shot to win this week.

Trust me....

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